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Community Liaisons

We are looking for people for a variety of roles:
1. Workshop leads who organize and facilitate weekly in-

    person support groups for parents
2. Moderate and grow the online support groups (heads up,

    we use Facebook for this)
3. Respond to community requests for information on local

    PMAD supports 


Social Media & Admin Support

We need people to help get us organized (and you can do it from home)!
1. Social media support, i.e. manage a social media page
2. Blog support, i.e. support community members in

    writing/posting blogs
3. Email support, i.e respond to emails and link community

    members to the right people 


Support with the Dollars $$

We are looking for people who can help us secure funding:
1. Research potential grant/funding opportunities 
2. Write grant proposals and/or gather the information

    required to apply for grants/funding 
3. File tax returns

Think you might want to volunteer?

Awesome!  Check out some of the positions we are hoping to fill. If you see something you like, reach out using the contact form below and let us know what interests you.  And yes - there is training available.


We totally take the stance that volunteers should be rewarded, because you are awesome and we love you. We can offer are employment reference letters/calls, LinkedIn references, internships for some school programs, an end of year party to celebrate all your hard work, and a million high fives. 


We also get that you are busy, so we want to be clear about what kind of time commitment is involved. We are looking for highly dedicated volunteers who are willing to stay the course for 8 months (September 2016-June 2017). Generally, most positions will take about 5-15 hours of work per week.


Also, we are a feminist anti-oppressive organization, so you gotta be down with our social justice, pro-diversity philosophies. And we actively encourage volunteers who identify from a wide variety of Toronto communities. 

Want to get involved? ​ Email us directly. 

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