Our Mission


Postpartum Support Toronto (PPSTO) is a not-for-profit that challenges the idealized version of parenthood and speaks truth to the experience of becoming a parent.  We do this by offering free online community support and weekly drop in groups for overwhelmed new parents, as well as educational and therapeutic programming.  


Our mission is to challenge intensive mothering ideology and to replace it with a family-centered model where every family member's needs are prioritized, not just the children’s.


Much like it takes a village to raise a raise a child, it takes a village to support new parents. Our vision is a variety of parenting villages where all aspects of parenting are normalized - the good, the bad and the ugly - and parents are able to give and receive the support they need in order to thrive during the early years of parenting.


The values that guide our work:

  • Hope

  • Radical self-compassion

  • Community Support

  • All-gender inclusion