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Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Postpartum Parents
Kristen Bellows (BSW)


Parenting comes with a lot of intense emotions. Fear, excitement, confusion, joy, anger - all of these are normal and to be expected in early parenting (and beyond). And when you add sleep deprivation and a sudden reduction in self-care time, you can suddenly find your emotions escalating quickly.

If that sounds like you, then Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills might just be your new BFF.

If you want better control over your emotions, improve your relationships, cope better with stress and become more mindful then this course is for you! DBT skills help you build (as they say in DBT) "a life worth living".


DBT is divided into 4 modules:

  • Distress Tolerance

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Mindfulness


In this course, you will have the opportunity to work through all 4 modules and learn all of the skills associated with each utilizing video, slideshows, handouts and worksheets. Move through the course at your own pace and you will have access to the facilitator via email.

If you are interested DBT because you have been recently diagnosed with BPD/Borderline be sure to check out this Borderline Personality Disorder Mutual Aid E-Zine created by three Health Policy and Equity students at York University. It's a great way to learn about and share local resources within the community. 

Access it here