Coping with Perinatal Anxiety

Coping with Perinatal Anxiety
Olivia Scobie (MA, MSW, RSW, MSP)

This course is a free online program that will send you monthly modules that provide bite sized tools and ideas to help you manage your anxiety. For example, you will be invited to get to know the unique ways in which your nervous system communicates with you, increase your ability to sit with icky feelings, and practice the art of observing and detaching from thoughts. In it you will learn

  1. Nervous System 101

  2. Controllables vs Non-Controllables 

  3. Containing Thoughts

  4. Distorted Thinking

  5. Window of Tolerance 

  6. Vagus Nerve Stimulation 

  7. Polyvagal Theory 

  8. Emotional Artery 

  9. Emotions Mapping

  10. Energetic Boundaries 

  11. True Yes and True No

  12. Letting Go

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