Parent Guilt: Changing the Story

Parent Guilt: Changing the Story
Olivia Scobie (MA, MSW, RSW, MSP)

This course is for every parent that lives with generalized feelings of guilt, shame, or not being good enough. We get a lot of mixed messages about what it means to be a good parent and could all use a little help making sense of it all.

The program is comprised of six videos with unique topics that are designed to help you change your guilty-parent story to a guilt-free parent story. In it you will learn

  1. Resisting parent guilt with some radical self-compassion

  2. Reconnecting with your parenting values

  3. Silencing inner critics

  4. Separating the 'work' of parenting from your relationship with your kids

  5. Embracing non-prescriptive self-care

  6. Drafting a new narrative

Join today and have fun shifting away from stories that don't serve you anymore.

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